Shirts Color Details

  • CFAA Polo (M-Th)
    • Black, gray, white or red. New shirts available online through Shirt Shack 
  • PLAIN Polo or button down shirt with collar (M-Th). No large logos, graphics, pictures, etc. 
  • Partner Polo (M-Th)
    • LAC, SnF, KHS, ACE
  • Friday T-shirts
    • CFAA, LAC, SnF, KHS clubs and sports, ACE, military, colleges/universities

Pants Color Details

  • Khakis/ Classic Style
    • Tan, black, slate gray, navy blue
    • No frays, holes, sweatpants, leggings
  • Jeans
    • Tan, black, slate gray, navy blue
    • No frays, holes, jeggings
  • Shorts/Skorts
    • Tan, black, slate gray, navy blue, navy blue denim
    • No frays, holes, sweatpants
    • Must be midthigh

Shoes Color Details

  • Closed-toed shoes only
  • Optional
  • Must secure entire foot
    • no crocs
    • no flip flops
    • no slides
    • no bedroom slippers
    • no backless shoes

Jacket/ Outerwear Color Details

  • CFAA Logo Full Zip Jacket
    • Red/Black
  • CFAA Logo Hoodie
    • Red, blue, black
    • NO other hoodies permitted inside the building.
    • No hoods to be worn inside
  • CFAA Logo ΒΌ zip pullover
    • Red, blue, black, gray
  • PLAIN red, white, black or grey hoodies, jackets, outerwear are permitted. NO graphics, words, messages, pictures, etc. 

Accessories Color Details

  • Student ID Worn on lanyard around neck. 
  • Lanyards must adhere to PCPS dress code guidelines:
    • no drugs, alcohol, violence, inappropriate language
  • CFAA Hats/ beanies only.
  • Backpacks
    • Any
    • Must adhere to PCPS guidelines:
    • no drugs, alcohol, violence, inappropriate language